Ganesha, Ganesha!

26 Sep

La plateforme
Ganesh individuel
L'arrivée des tracteurs en continu
Un Ganesh dans son quartier

“Festival season” in India is supposed to start with the month of October but we already got a good sample of it these last days thanks to the Ganesha Chatruthi (or Ganpati) festival. For this event, each mini-neighbourhood or company or family or just a bunch of friends build their own Ganesh and display him during a few days (very often right in the middle of a street) and then go throwing it in a stretch of water. There are many ways to do it, in Bombay they throw them in the sea, and in Bangalore it happens in lakes or water tanks (there are many of them near temples). We’ve read in a newspaper that a basin can make the job if Ganesh is little enough.
Well, then it would be a pity to miss all the celebrations linked to the flooding of everyone’s Ganesh in the place provided. In Bangalore, the main place is Ulsoor Lake : a part of the lake is dedicated only to this show during 15 days. During these two weeks, all night and day long, people come with their Ganesh on a tractor playing drums and go together immersing their Ganesh in the water tank. This time it was well orgnised: several Ganesh are set on a platform linked to a big crane. When the platform is full, all the Ganesh are thrown away from the middle of the water tank. Of course, statues are too numerous compared to the size of the water tank so people have to empty it every morning. At the end of the day one can see a Ganesh’s hand or a piece of trunk out of the water…
This celebration is more or less dedicated to children who show them up with their Ganesh doing all the noise they want and dancing like real Bollywood stars!

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  • Gaëlle


    Très belles photos ! Ca avait l’air d’être un beau moment festif et joyeux !

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