Bangalore! So What?

13 Mar

[vers la version Française]

A double moving, a flat to restore, some continuous farewell parties till leaving, departures are always the same, an intense and relentless process. Thus, it’s only once in the waiting room for my flight to Dubai that I was able to start realizing what was going on in my life. A new move. A new change of life. I was finally too exhausted to feel either anxious or excited… unless it was because this time, I was first leaving alone.

So, after 11 hours of flight, 5 hours of waiting in the big mall which is the Dubai transit zone (where I was still awake enough to enjoy the great mixity of this place), I landed in Bangalore or Bengaluru according to its recent name change to recover its original denomination (but nobody is using this name). I got my luggage 5 minutes, passed through the custom in 2 minutes and a neat line of Renault Logan cabs were waiting for me in front of the newly made International Airport. I was having some doubts about my country of arrival, was it really India?

Watching the untouched red earth landscape unfolding along the Express-way out of the airport I was even starting to get afraid. And if it was true? and if India had dramatically changed in two years? and if Bangalore was a “world class city” as they say, cold, modern and boring?

Of course not! India and its chaos is eternal! Phew, passing the toll of the express-way, I was rediscovering gradually the uproar and happy non-sense of the India I knew and loved. Because if we’re coming here, it’s for the permanent surprise, to have fun with the multiple Indian paradoxes, to be irritated and
fascinated in the same half-hour, to watch and participate at this unique country mutation. Thus, to be sure to live some intense experiences!

This time will be different as we’re not coming here as simple “tourists”, we’ll try to go further by living and working here. The main challenge will be to keep this excitement and fascination high on a day-to-day basis. To be follow…

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  • touktouk


    je commence la lecture du blog ! super, ça agrémente bien ma pause dej ;)

  • scalino


    Ah ben quand même :)

  • Natoche


    ahaha Super te voilà en Inde !
    Je vais suivre ça de plus prêt étant aussi un adorateur de l’inde !
    Appelle moi quand tu embauches ;)

  • scalino


    Yes, ben écoute fais moi signe quand tu cherches un taf ou un stage, on ne sait jamais… :)

  • rizvan


    jaime bien le nom cheese naan je suis de francais de Madagascar et la je fais mes etudes en Pharmacie a Bangalore depuis 5 ans :-)

  • JC


    Bonsoir Nicolas,
    Effectivement la vie en Inde est faîte pour vous! N’oublies pas de bien fleurir votre 2BHK pour l’arrivée de ta “rose”; une très belle fleur qui rayonnera comme un soleil.

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